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Nicole / ©1995 by Daniel Leighton
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PhotoLink is the home of PhotoLink Gallery, a virtual space featuring explorable three-dimensional rooms, scenery, and photographs. It features the nude and figurative portrait photography of Daniel Leighton, owner of PhotoLink, in addition to photographs and mixed-media work by other artists.
...PhotoLink Gallery!
It will take you a good deal of time to explore all the rooms and photographs. Since the primary purpose of the gallery is to showcase the work of individual photographers, we have attempted to make the puzzles more fun to solve than difficult. So if a particular puzzle proves frustrating, feel free to e-mail us. Perhaps you'll find us in a benevolent mood and we'll consider passing along some clues.

Madeline / © 1995 by Daniel Leighton

PhotoLink needs sponsors. Please feel free to contact us for details. All photographs are for sale. Please contact Daniel Leighton for information. An on-line price list is forthcoming.

Let PhotoLink and Hynes Consulting, Inc. assist you in creating your web site. Whether your needs require a simple logo, a complete catalog, a walk-through mall, or your own domain name, PhotoLink and HCI can help you establish your presence on the Internet or add excitement to your existing pages.

For information contact: leighton@photolink.com
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